YouTube Channel Proves How Horrible Early Superhero Movie Is

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If you love the superhero genre, then you’re probably excited for Netflix’s new series about the world’s coolest blind superhero, Daredevil. The outfit looks cool; the eponymous hero, also known as his alter-ego mild-mannered lawyer Matt Murdock, is played by up and coming actor Charlie Cox. The vibe is gritty and brutal and the famous Vincent D’Onofrio has taken on the role of the infamous villain Kingpin. But the prospect of a live-action Daredevil wasn’t always so exciting…

Even though superhero movies and shows have come a long way and show true quality now, they didn’t start out that way. In the early 2000’s, plenty of directors and writers were ruining the X-Men, Ghost Rider, Catwoman, and of course Daredevil. Although you’ve probably actively tried to put the maddeningly bad movie out of your mind, the pre-America’s-darling Ben Affleck movie is a prime target for ridicule. Never missing an opportunity to lay into these cinematic blights, Honest Trailers sends up another worthy offering to the comedy gods in the form of Daredevil: the Honest Trailer.

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