There are quite a few movies that portray using a ouija board as something that is fun or entertaining. However, some people don’t find that to be true. In fact, one young girl recently decided to use one she had found online, but it left her with some serious side effects.

Apparently, Patricia Quispe, 18, was ‘possessed by the devil‘ after she found the ouija board application and started using it. Reports claim the young woman began screaming out the numbers “666” and “I’m going to kill everyone” while the paramedics, who were called in her help her, restrained her in their ambulance.

The young girl had been messing around with the application with her friends, trying to evoke some evil spirits and whatnot within the house. Upon returning home, her parents noticed she was acting odd, so they called for an ambulance. The paramedics had some trouble dealing with her, though, as she was having strong convulsions and had incredible strength, too.

When the convulsions finally stopped, Patricia was brought into a psychiatric ward so the doctors in the local hospital could determine what was happening within this young girl’s mind.

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