Hadeel Ayoub, a student at the University of London, has created an incredible smart glove that can translate sign language into written or spoken words. The glove does this in real-time, while the wearer is signing. The brilliant device is wireless: the glove transmits its interpretation of the hand motions to a processor which displays the full text on a screen.

It’s also capable of reading out the translation, so that hearing listeners can immediately understand what the person who’s signing is saying. This advanced text-to-speech feature will enable blind people to “hear” deaf or mute people who are signing.

In a version of the smart glove that she is working on now, Hadeel is making the glove capable of transmitting directly over Wifi to a smartphone app. When this is released, a deaf person will be able to talk on the phone by signing. Hadeel said that she’d like to develop a glove that could do translation into multiple languages simultaneously. Creating a glove scaled down for children is the next challenge.

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