You Won’t Believe What This 5 Year Old Says On Chatroulette

source: youtube

Chatroulette started out as a fun little way for people to interact online. It was easy, fun, and initially didn’t encourage destructive behavior. But just like it does to everything else in the world, the internet found a way to turn a good thing into a bad thing. This video is a prime example of that.

Usually, when a child misbehaves you look to the parents to apply discipline, but what do you do when the parents need discipline as well? This poor Chatroulette user had to deal with that exact situation. Popular YouTuber HurderOfBuffalo recently posted a video of a conversation that he had on the video service with a 5-year-old and his father.

Both the child and his dad were actively engaging in vulgar language, and the worst part of it all was that the father was encouraging his son’s behavior. Look out internet, now we have to worry about internet trolls of all ages. This guy definitely wins “Worst Dad of the Year”.

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