Yellowstone National Park, the famous U.S. park that is home to countless animals and geysers, has banned visitors from taking selfies with bison. The move comes after a 43-year-old woman from Mississippi was attacked by a bison and thrown into the air.

According to park officials, the woman and her daughter approached the animal until they were just 18-feet away and the turned their back to it while they tried to take a selfie. Despite warning that they were too close, the two women carried on until the bison eventually charged at them. Fortunately, the woman suffered only a few minor injuries but workers are worried that people will get seriously hurt in the future.

The woman said they knew they were doing something wrong but thought it was OK because other people were nearby,” park spokeswoman Amy Bartlett said. “People are getting way too close.”

Yellowstone is home to thousands of wild bison and officials say that prior to 2015, bison attacks were extremely rare. However, now that people are trying to photograph themselves with the animals incidents have risen dramatically. Just this year alone has seen four people hurt in similar circumstances.

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