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yeah. this actually happened. welcome to phoenix

source: youtube

  • More proof that the US is becoming more Japanese than Japan. Phoenix AZ, very recent. Funny as hell...and the guy with the cutlery was *legal*
  • Light Rail Bushido Blade! It's all fun and games until someone pulls out a sword
  • Vigilante stops brawl with a samurai sword in Phoenix Light Rail Train
  • Modern-day samurai scares off guys fighting on a train
  • Fight on light rail - let me get my Samurai Sword!
  • yeah. this actually happened. welcome to phoenix
  • METRO light rail justice with a samurai sword
  • Guy breaks up subway fight... with a katana
  • Just a typical fight on the subway until
  • Light Rail Bushido Blade... wait for it
  • Who needs to CCW when youve got swords?
  • A real life Samurai swordsman
  • Modern Day Ninja
  • Metro Ninja