Would You Let Your Mom Read Your Grindr Messages? This Guy Did

source: youtube

Whether it’s Grindr, Tinder or Snapchat, we can all agree that smartphone apps make it way too easy for creeps to contact us with their awful chat-up lines and terrifyingly close-up pictures of their anatomy, but what would you do if your mom read those chat-up lines or saw those dodgy photographs? Irish YouTuber and radio personality Riyadh K is about to find out.

Riyadh downloaded gay dating app Grindr and allowed the seedy, cheesy and (sometimes) downright filthy messages to roll in. Three weeks later he unleashed the horror on his mom who had to read them aloud. Thankfully she had a few large glasses of wine to help her through.

  • Guy reads grindr messages with his mom, makes me wonder what the tinder equivalent would be
  • Guy gets his mom to read his Grindr messages out on camera
  • Irish mother reads son's Grindr messages
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