World's fastest rugby player: Carlin Isles

source: youtube

  • American sprinter Carlin Isles who only started playing rugby 4 months prior absolutely dominates this guy needs an NFL tryout
  • Quick Football players? This is Carlin Isles. An ex track star leading US Rugby's Olympic Dream
  • Professional sprinters should participate in other sports more often. This guy dominated Rugby
  • Carlin Isles: former US sprinter (10.24sx100m) turned 7's Rugby player to make it to Rio
  • Pats fan/rugby player here: you guys should be really excited about Carlin Isles
  • Just to let everyone know. The USA may have a chance at Rugby at the Olympics
  • Ladyboner in action: Carlin Isles, a sprinter who decided to take up rugby
  • An elite sprinter tries his hand at rugby and, guys, it’s not even fair
  • Elite US sprinter joins rugby team... The results are not even fair
  • American sprinter/football player gives rugby a shot. Not bad
  • TIL There is a USA Rugby player that has a 10.4 100m sprint
  • We beat those commie Europeans at their own damn sport
  • Carlin Isles is going to change USA rugby, 7s at least
  • Carlin Isles aka the fastest fucker on a rugby field
  • Carlin Isles, please come the the NFL (2:42)
  • World's fastest rugby player: Carlin Isles -
  • Carlin Isles, the fastest sprinter in rugby
  • Medford y Wanchope procrearon un hijo
  • 'Murica: bringing freedom to Rugby!
  • US top40 100m sprinter plays Rugby
  • A sprinter joins a rugby team
  • Carlin Isles. Olympic Dream
  • fastest rugby player ever?
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    Zackary Crooks
    Holy shit, it's like watching someone hit the turbo button.
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    Chet Ziemann
    USA's new game plan: pass it to Carlin.