World’s Best Chess Player Nearly Beats Manager In 30 Seconds

source: youtube

Magnus Carlsen, one of the world’s greatest chess players from Norway, challenged his manager to a game of blitz chess. The objective is to complete a game of chess with a much smaller allotted time than in regular chess. However, Carlsen, being as great as he is, wanted to up his challenge. His manager, Espen Agdestein, was given three minutes to play while Carlsen had only 30 seconds.

The result is one of the fastest games of blitz chess ever played. It starts off a touch slow from Agdestein, who takes his time on a few moves as he surveys the board. However, Carlsen never spends more than a millisecond on a move. His mind moves at such a pace that only his physical ability is limited to in moving the pieces. That’s what cost him in the end as Carlsen was nearing a victory against his manager as time was running out.

  • As someone who isn't fond of chess, I found this match very entertaining to watch
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