A rising number of women are choosing to have children through IVF, despite not having had sex or on a relationship at all. Women in the UK are now approaching doctors for IVF, all of which are in their 20s and heterosexual, according to reports. Many of the women wanted to be parents but don’t want to wait for the ‘right one’, while others are simply scared of sex.

Some are willing to pay 5,000 pounds ($7,600) on fertility treatment to get pregnant without sexual involvement. There have been a total of 25 straight women who gave birth in the past 5 years, despite being virgins.

Some critics question the absence of a traditional family structure. Religious groups say that a stable marriage is important to bringing up children, while psychologists warn that mothers who’ve never been in a relationship can harm the child’s development.

Despite that, the doctors said that women who choose to undergo these virgin births are stable financially and emotionally compared to those who have been left to bring up a child on their own after a failed relationship. Women who have undergone these virgin births are reported to be happy and content with their decision to be parents on their own.