When the news is filled with horrifying tales of war, corruption and fear, one could easily lose hope for man kind. However, there are stories, which blossom in one’s heart, touching all the sensitive strings, ultimately returning one’s faith in humanity. This is not one of them. Some people are vicious, ravaging monsters and there is simply no proper explanation for their actions.

Such is the case of Dynel Lane, a 34 year old woman whose worst child-death related experience was one of a relative that lost a 19-month-old son in a drowning accident in 2002. Either out of pure craziness or some sort of a post-traumatic disorder that left her mentally unstable, the woman cut 7-month-pregnant Michelle’s baby out of her womb. Everything started with a simple craigslist ad for baby clothes. Expecting a baby in two months, the 26-year-old pregnant Michelle answered the ad and a few days later went to a house in Longmont, Colorado, to close the deal. However, what she didn’t expect was to get stabbed and for her baby to be cut out of her womb.

She cut me in the stomach… I’m pregnant… I’m bleeding outMichelle screamed after calling 911. The prompt response of the police ensured that she was taken to the hospital and taken care of, and ultimately her life was saved. However, the actions of Dynel Lane (pictured below) managed to end the life of the baby.

After she took the innocent baby out of the womb of its mother, Lane was reportedly taken to the hospital by her husband. Holding the dead baby in her hands, she said that she had suffered a miscarriage. According to reports, the 911 dispatcher pressed Michelle for the name of her attacker, but she could only give out the address. Of course, this was more than enough for the police, who managed to arrest Lane, however no further information on the case was given.

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