Dorina Rosin from Hawaii plans to give birth in the ocean, surrounded by dolphins. She’s one of many future mothers that are featured in a new documentary “Extraordinary Births” that will be aired this week on the UK’s Channel 4. The woman and her husband are owners of a spiritual healing center and strongly believe that the dolphins will make giving birth a better experience.

The couple wasn’t available for comments. However, dolphin experts say it is not so surprising Rosin wants to give birth in the ocean. “I think there’s every possibility somebody’s doing it,” Hardy Jones, executive director of ocean conservation group Blue Voice, revealed. “There are people who have this kind of belief that having a child with dolphins present is a good idea.”

He’s also warned about dangers the ocean holds: “You have tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks. They do [also] have white sharks in Hawaii,” he said. “If a woman is going to be giving birth, she’s going to be extruding a certain amount of blood. Sharks are attracted by blood. … It’s dangerous for the mother, for her attendants, for the infant, and it’s also dangerous for the dolphins.”

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