Mandy Lloyd tied the knot with her fiance Paul Curran while she was seriously ill in hospital in January of this year. The couple decided to have a bedside wedding ceremony because doctors at Stepping Hill hospital feared that Mandy might not survive a bout of internal bleeding. Fortunately, Mandy is now recovering from her illness, she said that she believes tying the knot with the man she loves saved her life.

After collapsing in the bathroom of her home, Mandy was taken to Stepping Hill hospital on January 28th. Mandy was suffering from serious internal bleeding, which Stepping Hill doctors thought was caused by stomach ulcers.

When 63-year-old Paul Curran learned about Mandy’s illness, he decided to make Mandy his life partner. Curran asked Mandy if she would marry him and she answered yes. The couple exchanged wedding vows two days after Mandy was admitted to Stepping Hill hospital. Pretty soon after the wedding, Mandy was admitted to intensive care, where she stayed in a serious condition for 7 days. She now seems to be recovering well following a brief stay in a high dependency unit. Four weeks after the wedding, Paul posted an update on his website stating:

“Mandy is recuperating – amazing – a miracle! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. And a special thanks to all the fantastic medical/nursing/spiritual staff at Stepping Hill Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary who helped save her life. Please continue to pray for her full recovery.”

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