A woman is accused of hitting an elderly man with a frying pan, then tying his legs and arms with packing tape and robbing him. According to Bradenton police, 23-year-old Stephanie C. Ross is facing charges of false imprisonment, burglary with battery and armed robbery.

The 73-year-old victim, Jerry Shell, told police that Ross was standing outside his flat while he unloaded shopping bags. When Jerry completed unloading his stuff and returned to his flat, Ross hit him 15-20 times in the head with a pan. Police said that Ross dragged Shell into the bedroom, demanding money from him. She tied up Shell’s legs and arms with packing tape, then went through his trousers and took his wallet.

Ross demanded Shell give her the PIN for his ATM card, and said that she will kill him if the number was not correct. Ross then gagged and blindfolded Shell. When cops found Ross, she was in possession of Shell’s two mobile phones and ATM card. Shell was taken to Blake Memorial Hospital for treatment, and his condition is said to be stable.

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