A model, Petite Odette Delacroix, gets paid to be crushed by plus-sized models in bikinis. The blonde beauty has made £120,000 being crushed by five bigger models weighing a combined 125 stone, according to Mirror. The force placed on the 5ft model can be so immense she is occasionally forced to hold her breath for over four minutes. Odette’s videos capturing the weird fetish have become a big hit with men around the world, earning her a little fortune.

Odette said that being crushed is a turn on for her, too. She further said that being squashed pays very well, she has been able to go on expensive holidays and she has purchased a three-bedroom house. It may sound like a weird career, but she loves it.

Petite Odette Delacroix runs a website which features several videos showing the 25-year-old model getting pinned down by large women. The attractive blonde does fear for her life when she is shooting specific videos. Odette said that some of her customers pay her to do pigpiles where many, big women sit on her while she lies flat on a hard surface. It can be intolerable.

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