A U.S. woman has developed extraordinary mental abilities after suffering a brain injury during massive crash on the slopes, Mirror reported. The skier developed acquired savant syndrome after the crash. Acquired savant syndrome is a very uncommon condition which leaves individuals with stunning mathematical, artistic or musical abilities. The young woman said that she suffered the brain injury during a ski vacation. She further said that despite the accident she continued to ski that day, although she was experiencing a shoulder pain and a headache. The anonymous woman was later discovered to have suffered a broken collarbone and serious dislocation.

In the weeks following the ski accident, the woman suffered from vertigo and said she felt an unusual disconnect between what she was seeing and what her brain was processing. She was ultimately admitted to hospital for further testing. The skier said that she could remember everywhere she had been with unbelievable accuracy and make perfect diagrams of the buildings she had ever visited. She was ultimately diagnosed with acquired savant syndrome after a year of testing. According to experts, the condition is caused when the right side of the brain compensates for an injury to the left side of the brain.

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