Anyone who knows Wiz Khalifa, knows that he has a few opinions that might not go down too well with lawmakers and peacekeepers. His stance on marijuana is widely known and he stands by it everyday. Unbelievably enough, the artist got into trouble recently due to a whole new product that has captured his attention – a Hoverboard.

He was recently returning from a show in France and Finland when he was detained at LAX for using a Hoverboard. According to reports, six police officers approached the artist and arrested him for using a Hoverboard at the terminal and claimed that Wiz Khalifa was resisting arrest. This claim may not be entirely true though, since there are videos emerging on the internet which clearly shows that the artist did not resist arrest and in fact gave himself in quite peacefully. You can hear the full side of Wiz Khalifa’s story if you are following him on Twitter. Hilariously enough, he seemed quite relaxed despite the entire affair and even went on to comment about how funny it is that he got into trouble for a technology that everyone will be using in six month’s time.

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