Who Will Remember Us?

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  • story, 17 years for alien missile to hit earth - I feel like there's a hidden message in this video... - Official Sundance Selection: “Yearbook”
  • Incredible short film "Yearbook" beautifully illustrates the absurdity of life in a world without God and immortality
  • Yearbook - (2014) animation about a man chosen to document the history of humanity before the end of the world
  • [Video] An animation about a man being hired to write the history of human existence
  • "i'm going to be late, it's fine, no one will miss me" x-post/r/videos
  • Official Sundance Selection: “Yearbook” | The Screening Room
  • This film is the only bible that I need
  • The most delicious fish he ever had
  • Best Short I've seen in a while
  • [video] Who Will Remember Us?
  • Sundance-winning animation
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    Jovanny Rau
    Actually got a little deep there.
  • the world will remember us