Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic

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  • Where's the Fair Use? Nostalgia Critic among others talk about their experiences with the flawed copyright system from Youtube and are urging action to fight this
  • [Industry] Where's the Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic, I Hate Everything, and YourMovieSucks talk about the issue of easily abusing copyright claims on YouTube
  • Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic Takedowns effect Gaming channels as well. Take a look. Do your part
  • Great video from Nostalgia Critic on how broken the YouTube copyright system is. This needs to change
  • Not sure if exactly a drama, but considering the drama false claims on YouTube have caused
  • I know there's a few Googlers on here, so let's spread the word. Where's The Fair Use?
  • Fair Use, Copyright and YouTube - SFM content creators are starting to suffer. #WTFU
  • Nostalgia Critic, IHE, and YMS video about bullshit content claims on Youtube
  • #WTFU-What the fair use? Abuse by studios, call to action by Nostalgia Critic
  • Possible topic? I'm kind of surprised they haven't already mentioned it
  • Is James affected by any of this crazy YouTube shit like Doug is?
  • Fair use being trampled by the YouTube claim and take down system
  • Nostalgia Critic goes in great detail about fair use on YouTube
  • Not a #TWiS entry, Sargon - please endorse the #WTFU movemenrt
  • Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic (IHE IS IN IT!!)
  • This is an issue that effects all indie filmmakers. #wtfu
  • Where's The Fair Use - Nostalgia Critic (YMS IS IN IT)
  • Our broken copyright laws. (Where is the fair use.)
  • Nostalgia Critic Asks, "Where's The Fair Use?"
  • Have the Yogscast had similar problems? #WTFU
  • Youtube is getting evil. Any thoughts?
  • [OPINION] Where's the Fair Use?
  • Youtube - Where's The Fair Use?
  • #WTFU Youtube needs to change
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