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When you've had too much coffee at work

source: imgur

  • Hummingbirds rotate their wings about 80 time a second which allows them fly backwards or hover in one location. Their hearts beat over 1263 times per minute
  • TIFU by forgetting to engage my landing gear
  • If you're ever feeling down, just watch this
  • When you've had too much coffee at work
  • Let me show you the dance of my people!
  • Hummingbird's flight has been delayed
  • The bird took a sip of the grape wine
  • Isn't nature beautiful?
  • Fledgling birbingbird
  • Hummingbirb
  • BirbingBerp
  • Drift king
  • Tokyo Bird
  • Birb-outs
  • birb_irl
  • sunnyirl
  • me irl
  • meirl