What The Hell YouTube? - Doug Walker

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  • So now in addition to I HATE EVERYTHING, Doug Walker has now come out and revealed that he's also going through youtube hell as far as his channel being screwed with and his videos being taken down. Is it time to start worrying?
  • The Nostalgia Critic alludes to the IHE Youtube incident in a new video, also referencing his current troubles with the site after loosing monetisation rights with no explanation or human contact
  • "What the Hell YouTube?" A video about how broken YT is and how it can affect anyone (I believe this is on topic since Dan has criticized them in the past)
  • Channel Awesome: "What The Hell YouTube?" Doug Walker discusses problems with YouTube's claims procedures
  • And yet when TOEI wants to suddenly monetize these videos, suddenly everything is roses??
  • Be careful fellow content creators. Anyone experiencing this? - "What The Hell YoutTube?"
  • Something I think would be good to have on the show. Very relevant to gaming on Youtube
  • Doug Walker - What The Hell YouTube? - 3 weeks, no monetization, no answers
  • An Example of how Atrocious YouTube's Support System can be
  • Youtube disabling accounts without explanation and support
  • Sargon, you need to see this...it involves youtube
  • Some weird policy issues are happening in YouTube
  • #TWIS What The Hell YouTube?
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