"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

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  • Poking fun at a religious group. Does this belong here? I think this belongs here [Weird Al - Amish Paradise]
  • THEY DID IT - 40,000 Amish came out to vote in Pennsylvania. And Trump won Pennsylvania by 40,000
  • So apparently there was footage of the Amish Mafia released back in 1996. This is that footage
  • Thought of this song in the shower this morning. Realized I still know all the lyrics
  • Lest we forget. The Amish carried Pennsylvania and helped Trump win! MAGA!
  • I considered posting this on /r/lancaster, but then I thought better of it
  • The sole source of my Amish knowledge. Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise
  • Weird Al Yankovic: Amish Paradise (sort of a parody on religion)
  • When I heard the Amish endorsed Trump-- 1st Thing I thought of
  • I would watch "Amish Mafia" if this was the theme song
  • Weird Al - Gump (In honor of his AMA/Album tomorrow)
  • Why is this not the theme song for Amish Mafia?
  • "Weird" Al Yankovic performing Amish Paradise
  • "Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise (1996)
  • Some men just want to watch the world churn
  • All I think about while browsing this sub
  • [THROWBACK] Weird Al - "Amish Paradise"
  • "Weird" Al Yankovic takes on the Amish
  • happy birthday you crazy bastard
  • Weird Al at a [6] isn't half bad
  • Weird Al never ceases to amaze
  • Cheese Sandwich human version
  • Real Shit MotherFucker!!!
  • Fuck Nothing About This
  • Pennsylvania be like
  • Suck on it Shills
  • /u/Jibodeah_irl
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    Barbara Friesen
    Nostalgia? This is part of my daily routine
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    Mitchell Skiles
    My favorite part is the awesome backwards shot at the very end. He had to lip-sync reverse jibberish.