WCGW if I just push this cop a little bit with my Ferrari?

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  • You be the judge on this one. I think the cop over reacted after purposefully escalating the situation. The guy had permission to park his car there
  • Police office puts feet in path of tires to either prevent a car from moving or get an excuse for aggression
  • Excuse me officer! You're foot is under my Ferrari! Should be arrested for douchbaggery alone
  • Ferrari runs over NYPD Officer's foot, it still never surprises me how stupid people can be
  • Police officer loses his cool after having his foot "run over" by a Ferrari owner -
  • Ferrari 458 driver tries to run over cop's foot...and faces the consequences
  • フェラーリ&パツ金彼女もちの金持ちクズ野郎が駐禁の取り締まりから逃げようとするも正義の警察官に引きずり降ろされて逮捕される!フェラーリ傷だらけw
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  • WCGW if I just push this cop a little bit with my Ferrari?
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  • Police attack an innocent man sitting in his car
  • I own a Ferrari, therefore I am above the law
  • As a cop this made my day, thought i'd share
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  • Well, that escalated quickly
  • Trying to avoid a ticket
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