Watch How This Dog Reacts To Owner’s Return From Mormon Mission

source: youtube

To dogs, their owners are the best thing in the world. They give them treats, take them for walks and give them all the love in the world and, in return, the dogs give the same amount of love back. That can be seen in this amazing video of Nathan returning home after a two year Mormon mission and someone is beyond excited to have their owner back.

While the family is excited to have their son back home, they have to sit back and watch the dog get all the hugs and kisses first. This video is too precious and makes you want to go out and get a dog of your own, or make you want to go home to hug and kiss your dog! A dog’s love will always be bigger and better than any other love you can find in the world, so soak it up while you can!

  • Dog reacts to return of his master after two year of absence
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