Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Disney’s legacy? Well, if you head over to Ebay you’ll have the chance to purchase a piece of the iconic Monorail. The current Monorail is set up to take guests from Epcot to Magic Kingdom and the surrounding resort areas. Ebay user superdupertoylover was able to get his hands on a piece of the original model, somehow.

Currently, the bid for the item opens up at $169,000, which is still pricey even for die-hard Disney fans. According to the user, the original price on a Walt Disney monorail was $6,000,000, so maybe the new price isn’t so bad. It may not be the newest model, but it’s said to be in decent condition. If you’re not willing to pay the price, the seller is currently open to making trades. This is the only Disney Monorail to be available for purchase by the public.

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