Traders rejoice! New SEC regulations on big banks and hedge funds are opening the floodgates for paid mentorship throughout the trading world. For newer traders like yourself, that means unprecedented access to market expertise and profit producing signals from your desktop or mobile device.

Here’s why it’s happening:

Some of Wall Street’s finest millionaire traders, bearing the brunt of these new regulations, are simply finding it safer and more profitable to pass on their knowledge on a fee basis, rather than attempt to manage hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars of client funds under continued SEC regulatory pressure.

“At some point you just find it easier to sell the trade signals themselves rather than jump through the myriad of SEC required disclosures, filings, and other nightmarish administrative work,” one executive says.

Wall Street’s new grand bargain: “Licensed Returns”

A recent trend we’re seeing is trade signals being sold as a service by the top minds in Wall Street’s elite trading circles. Funds with big track records are “licensing” their signals down to small traders. In exchange for this license fee, newer traders with relatively low funded accounts can access software that offers signals in real time, or even trades on their behalf.

It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved:

  • The small trader makes money through the benefit of his new signal advantage in the market.
  • The big trading expert makes money through licensing and essentially bears no risk, as he is being paid for his expertise and access to his proprietary software system.

Based on the success of this new paradigm, we expect to see a continuation of the “trade signals for a fee” trend — but only by those Wall Street firms profitable enough to build a case for their worth.

One hot system to watch: Walter Green

One of the most successful systems we’ve seen is by master trader and market veteran Walter Green, who cleverly calls his licensed software the “Free Money System.” (although some reviewers indicate it’s a system truly deserving of the title)

To be fair, the money earned through Walter’s trading platform is NOT free: you must watch the software to ensure it’s trading in line with the prescribed signal recommendations, something the software is currently able to accomplish greater than 99% of the time.

Over time it is ideal if you put in the hours to learn what separates a good trade from a bad one, so that you build the skillset to trade the markets for yourself.

That said, newer traders are reporting an average of $700 per day in profits just by following the signals, a figure that can scale even higher with reinvestment of their profits back into their trading account.

For more details on the Free Money System by Walter Greene, see this informative page.

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