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Waking up a sleeping otter

source: imgur

  • MRW I'm chilling in the world's largest floatation tank and I'm thinkin this is pretty sweet when the guy working there shows me the bill
  • MRW unexpected strangers try to spark a conversation with my socially oblivious self
  • MRW my roommate wakes me up and tells me the room inspection is here
  • MRW the girl I met at the bar last night wakes me up for breakfast
  • MRW my roommate wakes me up and tells me we have a test today
  • Guy waking up this sleeping otter - from the front page
  • This otter was just trying to enjoy a nice nap
  • Sleeping otter startled when woken up -
  • Sleeping otter is startled by human
  • Derpy Otter waking up from a snooze
  • Stop touching me, I'm sleeping!
  • アイドルの寝起きどっきりっていつのころからか見なくなったよね
  • Waking up a sleeping otter
  • Cute float-sleeping Otter
  • Waking a sleeping otter
  • Otter stranger danger
  • Scared sleeping boop
  • ふぇぇ...ばくすいちゅうだよう
  • Just chillin'
  • me irl