It’s been more than a week since anyone in the public has seen or heard from Vladimir Putin. In an age where the world’s most prominent officials are seen and heard from on a daily basis, the length of time since anyone saw the Russian leader has some wondering if he’s either very ill or possibly even dead.

Fueling the fire, rather than putting it out is the Russian government. Despite numerous queries as to where Putin might be, Russia has said that he is perfectly fine but won’t provide any details beyond that. The fact the former Soviet country is being so shady has other members of the world’s stage a bit nervous. If Vladimir Putin was ill or even dead and the country’s leaders were hiding that fact, it could be a sign of Russia doing something rather sinister.

The rumors ran even more rampant after Russia released pictures this past week, claiming they were taken the day they were released. Those on social media have been quick to claim the pictures were very old and that if he were well enough to refute the rumors of his illness, Putin would have made a live appearance. Until he does step back in front of television cameras, there will be those who believe something is seriously wrong with Vladimir Putin.