A Vietnam vet just showed that he knows how to fight off a bear and that he can still handle his own. Larry Yepez lives at the edge of Yosmite National Park and a bear decided to show up on his front porch, but Yepez was ready for him and fought off the bear. His little Yorkshire Terrier helped him out by barking at the bear, as well.

After he got back into the house, Yepez got into the car and drove himself to the hospital. He was covered in blood, but that didn’t stop him. A bear actually attacking a human is not common, but it did happen to him. The bear was obviously hungry as it was going through his trash right before the attack happened. Luckily, Yepez was okay and was released from the hospital just a few hours later.

Mariposa County Game Warden Frank Milazzo spoke out and said, “Mr. Yepez is a very tough individual. He is a Vietnam veteran and is used to defending himself in situations. He did an amazing job of survival. It could have turned out a lot worse.

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