Video Of Rihanna Farting In Tub Takes Internet By Storm

source: youtube

Yesterday it was a video of Beyonce dancing to Duck Tales got everyone’s attention on the Internet. Rihanna has actually done the queen of hip hop one better with a “musicless” music video of the singer farting in the bathtub. The video is actually from her song “Stay” and when she decided to have a large part of that video be of her sitting in the bath, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that some enterprising young soul was going to make that stay in the bath be a bit noisier.

The video now features the singer sinking into the tub when she suddenly has some pretty serious gastric distress. If you’ve ever wanted to spend over a minute watching how Rihanna deals with a bad case of gas, then this video is exactly what you’ve always been waiting for. The best part is that there are few women in the world who could actually make farting this loud and this often look sexy. Check out the video and see if you think she manages to pull it off.

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