[USA] Tesla Autopilot avoids 45mph collision

source: youtube

  • Dashcam video of Tesla autopilot preventing a head-on collision in Snohomish County : /u/SounderBruce
  • Tesla Autopilot saves the day - "I was watching stopped traffic to my right. Car did all the work."
  • Tesla collision avoidance avoids collision (see comments)
  • At what speed did the Autopilot decelerate the car?
  • [USA] Tesla Autopilot avoids 45mph collision
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  • Tesla Autopilot stops head on collision
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    Lenore Kohler
    That's what "Driver Assistance" is for. Nice save. Autopilot (or TACC) doesn't have the human delays of recognizing the problem and transitioning the foot from accelerator to brake pedal. Sometimes those fractions of a second can really count.