Us TV host refuses to accept that Ireland uses the euro

source: youtube

  • US finance news show baffles Irish economy spokesperson with how little they know about Ireland (like what currency they use) (7 minutes in)
  • Ireland's IDA boss in lengthy economics focused interview. Derailed by previously silent presenter with no knowledge of the country
  • Anchor on CNBC's Squawk Box, A business focused TV Show, Can't get his head around what currency they use in Ireland
  • CNBC SquakBox host can't understand that The Republic of Ireland uses the Euro instead of the British pound
  • CNBC Anchor is astonished that Ireland uses the euro while interviewing Martin Shanahan, CEO, IDA Ireland
  • An in depth conversation about global economy on CNBC ... until Ron Burgundy steps in towards the end
  • CNBC pundit doesn't know the difference between Ireland and the UK and just keeps digging
  • IDA boss' bizarre CNBC interview. Interviwer thinks Ireland is in UK [from 7:00]
  • IDA Ireland CEO at CNBC Squawk Box where they don't know currencies of geography
  • CNBC Segment Gets Awkward as Irish Guest Has to Explain Which Currency They Use
  • Us TV host refuses to accept Ireland uses the euro (starts at 7:00 for mobile)
  • CNBC reporter thinks Ireland is part of Britain, uses pounds (7.10 onwards)
  • US economics pundit seems quite confused about the UK and Ireland
  • "What? Scotland uses STERLING? And Ireland uses the Euro? WHY!?"
  • CNBC business news anchor is baffled that Ireland uses the euro
  • US Business News anchor is surprised that Ireland uses the Euro
  • US TV host refuses to acknowledge that Ireland uses the Euro
  • CNBC interviewer can't understand why Ireland uses the Euro
  • "Ireland uses the EURO? And Scotland STERLING? But WHY?"
  • Us TV host refuses to accept that Ireland uses the euro
  • How to insult an Irish person (starts from 7 mins on)
  • CNBC Anchor shocked that Ireland uses the euro
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