Army officials from Fort Drum in New York are searching for a Hellfire missile that fell off a helicopter during a routine training exercise. While they haven’t released the flight route that the aircraft took, they have asked the public to contact them if they have any information about the missing missile.

Fortunately for the public, the missile is actually inert and does not contain any explosives as it is a dummy version that is designed to be used in training exercises. This means that it is built to simulate the look and weight of a real Hellfire missile but poses no real immediate danger. The army is still advising the public to not touch the object and simply report it straight to the police or the military if they come across it.

Officials have stated that they are unclear exactly how the piece of equipment managed to detach from the aircraft and have scrambled other helicopters in an attempt to hunt it down. The army is eager to recover the dummy missile because it is an expensive piece of equipment and could still be a danger due to its realistic look and heavy weight.

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