A racing pigeon that stared death in the face twice in a matter of just a few weeks was at the center of a dramatic rescue this week after it had been missing for a month. Tory Piggot was at sea with a paddleboard when she found the bird in the water and brought it back to shore.

The woman was out with a group of friends off the south coast of Devon in Ladram Bay when she heard flapping. Spotting the racing pigeon, she quickly jumped into the sea and recovered it before taking it back to shore. Once there they realized it had a deep cut on its neck and was unable to fly, probably due to a hawk attack, preventing it from getting back to its home in Dorset.

Piggot said: “We suddenly heard a flapping sound in the water and saw this pigeon desperately trying to crawl up the side of the rocks.” Amazingly, the bird had only just recovered from another hawk attack that had caused it to become disoriented and stranded in Plymouth. It was found in the back garden of another racing enthusiast who nursed it back to health before releasing it to make its way back to its owner.

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