There’s a really wild turkey on the University of Michigan’s North campus. It’s busy ruffling its feathers at people, chasing after pedestrians and cyclists, causing traffic delays by lying down in the middle of the road, and sneaking into dorms making them smell bad. After months of this, there’s a bird hunt under way because of its aggressive behavior.

This celebrity turkey (known as Turkey Tom) is as tall as a person’s chest and is currently living in a remote part of the campus with other wildlife. It’s also came to life online via students and staff reporting many sightings on social media.

Campus police requested help from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, who told them to leave the bird alone. However, after lots of reports about the bird’s aggressive behavior, the state agency finally told the university that it was okay to capture it, if they can. However, nobody knows what will happen to the turkey after it’s been captured.

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