A group of three technology companies from the United Kingdom have developed a drone-freezing device called the Anti-UAV Defense System (Auds) that can stop drones when they fly into sensitive areas. It uses high-powered radio waves to disrupt the signal from the operator, making the target drone unresponsive and unable to continue its flight.

Any drone that flies into an area under protection from the Auds can be quickly detected by radar. A thermal camera will then target the drone to allow an operator to manually aim at it and decide whether to fire the radio signal. The creators say that a drone can be made inoperable after just 25 seconds.

The move to create such devices comes after several close incidents at airports and military sites where drones have come very close to hitting aircraft. Although there are aviation rules in place in most countries, most users of drones are simply hobbyists who don’t have an understanding of where they can and cannot fly their equipment. It is hoped that the Auds will help combat this problem and prevent drones from interfering with airplanes.

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