An owner of a two-headed albino snake worth approximately $50,000 loves his new prized possession, but struggles with it when it comes to feeding time. Already a Guinness World Record holder for having the largest two-headed snake collection, Todd Ray believes that Medusa, a Honduran Milk Snake, is certainly one of the most unique and priciest additions to his group. After lengthy bartering with the owner for four years after the snake was born, Ray was able to finally get it.

Ray certainly enjoys the new snake, revealing that most two-headed snakes eventually become one. But with how this snake is formed, it will always be bi-headed. In an interview with The Huffington Post, feeding time is a pretty strenuous task: “Ray said with most two-headed snakes, he feeds them one at a time with a playing card between their heads to keep them from biting each other.” If he doesn’t do this, snakes could end up eating each other if dining on the same meal.

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