Two Guys Set Fire To Their Parachutes, You Wouldn’t Believe Why

source: youtube

Two dare devils decided that they simply couldn’t get a big enough adrenaline rush by hurtling towards the ground at 120MPH, so they decided to set their parachutes on fire mid-fall. Alex Aimard and Petter Jonsson both soaked their parachutes in petrol prior to their flight, and armed themselves with a flare gun, when they proceeded to jump out of a plane over Eloy, Arizona.

They filmed the fall on their GoPros, which were attached to their helmets, which of course is a necessary requirement in case your parachute fails and you hit your head on the floor. Helmets save lives. The video shows the parachute getting completely destroyed in the fire, but of course, they had a backup parachute to take themselves back to the ground safely.

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