27 year old Jordan Dittloff, a travel agent from the town of Colac in Australia, disappeared on Monday with what police have estimated as tens of thousands of dollars stolen from his clients, who range from a scout group to elderly couples. Dozens of clients handed over money to the travel agent for flights, tours and hotels, but instead of paying for his client’s travel costs, Dittloff stashed the money away.

One jilted customer stated, “We came up here and then found out that he’s done a runner, and when we started checking out all our service providers, he’s paid nothing on our behalf.

Another set of victims was a local scout group, who had been fundraising for over 18 months for their trip. Fortunately, the national scout group stepped in and paid for the expenses so the children wouldn’t miss out. But many other customers are not so lucky, and are looking at unfulfilled travel plans and missing their hard-earned money.

Police have launched an investigation to find Dittloff, who was a youth member of the Australian conservative political party, the Liberals. Since the investigation began, further complaints of fraud have surfaced that possibly go back years. Police are seeking tips from the public to track down the missing travel agent.

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