A lot of random things can happen on a public transportation system, but commuters tend to be on both the receiving and providing end of that weirdness. Unfortunately, a recent train in Basingstoke, Hampshire, had to deal with a train conductor making the following announcement:

We are going to be like sardines on this train, so can I ask that only slim people sit on the three seaters. If you are fat then it is simply not going to work.

Most of the commuters on the train were said to have taken the announcement as a joke, but a few were not too happy. Some larger individuals aboard the train found it to be less than kind, and none of them had a laugh like the conductor. One rider said:

I am not necessarily a big person, but most people are larger than those seats anyway. It’s pretty disgusting. I would get fired if I said that at work.

South West Trains, the owner of said train, commented on the incident. The company said the announcement was meant simply as a joke, saying:

All passengers are welcome on board our trains. Our guard was aware this particular service was very busy and, in a light-hearted way, pointed out that some middle seat spaces might not be comfortable for passengers with a similar build to herself.

What do you think? Did the train conductor go too far?

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