An 11-year-old boy’s wish to donate his body organs moved his doctors so much that they bowed in respect on the day of his death, Mirror reported. Liang Yaoyi, from Shenzhen, China, died from cancer in June last year. The brave boy was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of nine. Before dying, Liang expressed his desire to donate his organs to his mother, Li Qun. At first, the boy’s family members were disturbed with the decision, but they eventually wanted to fulfill his final request.

The 11-year-old said that there are several people in the world who are doing extraordinary things. He further said that these people are great, and he wants to be a great kid. Liang told his family that he wanted to be alive in another way. According to his teacher, Liang may have gained knowledge of organ donation by reading about it at school. It is believed that doctors were able to save his liver and kidneys.

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