Who doesn’t love to travel? What’s more, who doesn’t love to travel to amazing places that blow your mind and move your soul? While there are of course obstacles to visiting amazing places the world over, including cash, time, and distance, there are arguably some pretty cool places that we should all see before we kick the bucket. Don’t think Mount Everest, sure it’s tall, but a mountain is a mountain and they all look pretty much the same. What you need is a mountain on the same level as the clouds, or a beach hidden inside an island — roof and all! Hold on to your hats, as we’re about to take you to the top 20 craziest places you need to see before you die.

Mount Roraima – Venezuela, South America

Mount Roraima is located in the Canaima National Park in Venezuela and is actually a plateu – one that offers some amazing views no matter how you slice it.

Sea of Stars – Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

The plankton that wash up on this beach on a regular basis possess what scientists call “bioluminescence” – which basically means they radiate light. Obviously this produces some pretty cool affects.

The Eye of Africa – Sahara Desert

Located in the Sahara Desert of Africa, The Eye of Africa is an eroded dome. Geologists obviously love this sort of thing, we just think it looks cool.

Turquoise Ice Lake – Baikal, Russia

Russia sure is cold, so naturally it’s going to have a lot of ice. What you may not know is the Russia is home to one of the coolest colored ice lakes in the world.

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