Gas stations are the ultimate horror film venues – dark, cold and usually situated in the middle of the woods with nowhere to hide. Nowadays gas stations are everywhere and the possibility of these scenarios happening in real life are minuscule with camera surveillance and gas stations operating 24/7. However, there’s been multiple occasions where very bizarre things happened. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten mysteries that have have been linked to gas stations across the US.

The Disappearance Of Kelly Dove

Kelly Dove disappeared on June 18, 1982 while working a late-night shift by herself at the Imperial gas station in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Sometime after midnight, Kelly called 911 to report that she was on the receiving end of obscene phone calls. She asked the police to come and check up on the station, but they never showed up.

Not long after, Dove called the police again to say that she was being harassed by a male customer, implying that he had indecently exposed himself to her. In her third call to the police she reported another obscene phone call and said that the person who was harassing her before came into the parking lot in a silver Ford. The police showed up then, but didn’t find Kelly anywhere. They also chose not to close the store or dust for fingerprints after her disappearance. She’s still missing, 30 years after.

The Disappearance Of Susan Swedell

January 19, 1988 was the day when the 19-year-old Susan Swedell disappeared forever. She was going home from her work in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota and was about a mile from her destination when her car broke down and she went to the gas station.

According to the attendant on duty, Susan then climbed into another car at the station that was driven by an unidentified man. That was the last time anyone ever saw her. Since it was winter, the police found it strange that her car overheated and after checking on the vehicle it was discovered that the petcock on her radiator had been loosened. One theory is that the unidentified man at the gas station had sabotaged her car earlier so that he could follow her from her workplace and offer her a ride once she had car trouble. Another strange thing surrounding Susan’s disappearance is that Susan’s mother visited her apartment and found the red pantsuit Susan had been wearing at work on her bed; which would mean that either Susan or another individual went to the apartment at some point after she went missing. She still hasn’t been found.

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