Three armed, masked men made off into the North Carolina night 4 million dollars richer around 6:45 pm Sunday night. The Transvalue inc. truck was traveling north from Miami to its final destination in Massachusetts along interstate 95. The armored vehicle suddenly experienced an unexpected electric malfunction that forced it to the side of the interstate in Wilson County. During this time it is reported that a white van containing the three armed men pulled behind the tractor trailer carrying the gold. Three men then exited the vehicle and forced the two security guards to tie there hands behind their backs and walk off into the woods near the highway. It was during that time the robbers stole and made off with the reported 4 million dollars worth of gold and silver.

Currently the Wilson County Sheriffs Department are working with the local F.B.I field office to determine weather or not any federal crimes have been committed. However they are remaining tight lipped about many other details. They have not released the make or model of the van the robbers were driving nor have they given a description of weapons they supposedly used. There is also no description of the suspects.

The company Transvalue inc. specializes in the transportation of precious metals, cash and jewelry and have not yet come out with a statement regarding the incident. According to several large media outlets, the company has not returned any calls asking for information as well. However the companies C.E.O Jay Rodriguez has privately offered a reward of 50,000 dollars for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

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