A brand new documentary has been released that claims there are tens of thousands of people living with China who have been, or are being, killed for their vital organs. These organs are being sold to tourists, all of which are coming into the Asian country specifically for the new liver, heart, eyes, or anything else they need.

Originally, rumors of this happened first popped up back in 2006, but the newly released documentary has shed a bit more light on the matter. There are rumors, many of which are supported by a few different human rights lawyers, witnesses, and a couple of surgeons who have admitted to performing these bold, invasive, and dangerous operations on innocent individuals, that claim this happens more often than we’d care to imagine.

The documentary, entitled Hard to Believe, gives a first-hand look into this illegal organ trade, which appears to focus solely on members of the Falun Gong faith. These claims are being dismissed, though.

The director, Ken Stone, speaking to Mail Online, said: “What drew me to the story was that the evidence was so strong and yet it’s hardly talked about, what we did was explore why the reports and documentaries have gotten so little attention. A number of people have come up with such strong evidence, but they are consistently ignored.”

We hope this documentary does shed some true light on the situation so officials can stop whatever is happening to these innocent people.

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