This Trailer For “An Open Secret” About Child Sexual Abuse In Hollywood Will Horrify You

source: youtube

Many children dream about becoming a famous singer or actor, but few actually receive an opportunity to do so. Those who try to make those dreams come true in Hollywood are exposed to a much more mature lifestyle than they are used to, while they are still very much children.

Amy Berg’s documentary “An Open Secret” takes a look into the sexual abuse of children in the entertainment industry, profiling five men (including Michael Egan, who accused “X-Men” director Bryan Singer of abuse last year) who replay their stories of inappropriate treatment at the hands of those they trusted to help bring them to stardom.

This is just a trailer for that documentary, but even the trailer brings to light some shocking revelations.

  • An Open Secret Official Trailer. A revealing new documentary about the sexual abuse of children within Hollywood is hoping to lift the lid off an alleged network that implicates major industry figures. (2015)
  • An Open Secret (trailer) - just a revealing documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood
  • An Open Secret, trailer about the pervasive underage sexual abuse in Hollywood
  • An Open Secret Official Trailer- Documentary about Hollywood pedophile ring
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