This priest is awesome

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  • To the theists new to r/atheism since we were put on the front page: *this* is a theist I can respect
  • a priest who that shared the same view as neil degrasse tyson and not blinded by creationism -
  • Priest speaks out against teaching personal beliefs, Advocates for teaching known truths
  • Even religious leaders are mocking creationism. This guy gets pwned by a Vicar!
  • A high profile Christian priest mocks creationism. Epic Fail for creationists!
  • Canon Jennings, of the Church of England, publicly 'slaps' down a creationist
  • Priest mocks creationism (or more like creationist ways... sorry if repost)
  • We should work with theists that we agree with: A Priest mocks creationism
  • Anglican priest: Teaching creationism to children is tantamount to abuse
  • A Priest mocks creationism, nice to see anyone using their brain
  • Why can't religious people be more reasoned, such as this fellow
  • Christians are funny too! And he does actually have a point
  • A Priest mocks the idea of teaching creationism in schools
  • A priest against the teaching of Creationism in schools
  • Canon argues that teaching Creationism is child abuse!
  • A priest speaks the truth on teaching fact vs fiction
  • A Priest Ridicules Creationist - Is this acceptable?
  • a preist saying not to teach creationism in school
  • Just a bit of Sunday morning TV here in the UK
  • A Priest mocks teaching creationism in school
  • Priest against creationism in public schools
  • This priest hits the nail right on the head
  • I want to shake this mans hand
  • Priest Ridicules Creationism
  • Not all priests are idiots
  • This priest is awesome
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