People will sometimes resort to drastic measures to achieve their dream body, and a 25-year-old Brazilian man was no exception. Romario dos Santos Alves has been injecting his arms with a mix of oil and alcohol for three years in an effort to look like “The Incredible Hulk”, but it almost cost him his arms.

The injections left Alves with startling 25-inch biceps, but when doctors told him what it was doing to his body, he was forced to stop. The injections had not only caused his muscles to essentially turn to rock, they had also left him with necrotic tissue. Necrotic tissue is incredibly deadly if not caught quickly, and doctors warned him they might have to amputate his arms to stop it from spreading.

Luckily, they caught the infection in time and were able to remove the hardened muscle, so Alves will be able to keep his arms. However, he is left with kidney damage from the extreme toxicity of the injections. Alves has said he still plans to be a body builder but is committed to doing it naturally so he can ditch the harmful injections.

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