This Man Can Make The Perfect Animal Sounds

source: youtube

We all have some kind of special talent and it just takes time for some of us to discover it. William Jafta, also known as the Animal Sound Man, discovered that he could make the perfect animal sounds and started working on his craft. As crazy as it sounds, he does some pretty spot-on animal sounds!

In the video, the Animal Sound Man says he can do about eleven different sounds. We will admit that some of them are a little sketchy and not the greatest, but some of them sound so good like the actual animal. You can’t deny that the dog at the very end does sound like that dog that never stops barking in your neighborhood!

We aren’t sure why he has the two pencils on his ears, but maybe he was getting ready to do the Charlie Charlie Challenge? Either way, his animal noises are great, so check them out here!

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