This looks like so much fun to do

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  • Sometimes you need to step back and just ask yourself "How did I get here?"
  • Woah.... how did I just watch an entire 10 minute video on clam digging
  • Clam digging [unintentional] [wind/sea sounds] [stamping] [digging]
  • I really want to try this, but I live in the middle of the country
  • Clam digging on the Long Beach Peninsula, Washington State
  • When he puts the plunger into the sand while clam digging
  • Harvesting Monster Clams. Oddly satisfying sand behavior
  • Monster Clams [clam digging][ocean][sand][simple task]
  • I can't explain why but this video is mesmerizing
  • Clam fishing technique oddly satisfying to watch
  • I love his reaction when he finds one. "ha-HA"
  • Clam Digging looks incredibly satisfying to do
  • Old man gets really excited about clam digging
  • Man catching Monster Clams [Unintentional]
  • Cool old guy digging up some bigass clams
  • A guy goes clam fishing on the beach
  • This looks like so much fun to do
  • Watching this man dig up clams
  • How to Mine for Clams?
  • Lets go clamming
  • Catching clams
  • Digging clams
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